Universal Industries workers trained on legal strike after an unlawful one

Hotels Union Trainer, Rashid Majawa

Hotels Union Trainer, Rashid Majawa

Hotels Union recently organised training for all the Universal Industries Limited workers where they trained them on labour laws with the main focus being the ‘procedures for a legal strike’.


A month ago the employees had a three-day strike which the secretariat of Hotels Union said was illegal since the negotiations were underway and that proper procedures were not followed.


Hotels Union Trainer, Rashid Majawa noted that the workers conduct was due to lack of knowledge on labour laws and rushed to accept that they are too to blame because they did not give them proper training.


“Our responsibility among others is to teach our members on such issues so despite that the workers did the strike without our recommendation. We also take the blame because we do realise that we did not train them on this issue that is the reason why we organised this training,” said Majawa.


According to Majawa, during the training the employees were taught on steps to follow before taking the Industrial action.


He cited that before going for a strike, workers are supposed to meet the management for negotiations and after the negotiations have reached at a deadlock they are supposed to ask for the intervention of the Hotels Union Secretariat which then authorise a strike.


He also discouraged the violent conduct during the strike “Industrial action is not about violence, it should be conducted in a peaceful manner because the aim is to reach the common understanding and not cause injuries, insult others or vandalising property,” further explained Majawa.


The workers on their part accepted their wrong doing for conducting a strike without proper procedures accused the secretariat of Hotels Union for not giving them regular trainings sessions on such issues.


Therefore, they pleaded that more training sessions should be organised in future to avoid a repetition of the same.


Majawa agreed that the employees really need regular training sessions but revealed that they had challenges in meeting the workers because their employers were refusing them.


He however, said that this time around the management will cooperate with the Hotels Union to train them since they have come to realise that they are not enemies but friends for the good of the company.


“At least this time around the management has realised that we are not enemies but friends in development of the institution therefore they have agreed that we should organise meetings to train the workers on labour laws.


They have also realised that we fight for the rights of the workers as well as for themselves because if the employees are working on a suitable environment, despite of making their life easier they will also be productive to company,” said Majawa.