Union Thankful to MCTU for Support as Membership Goes on the Increase

Banner HFPCWU 0The Hotel Food Processing and Catering Workers Unions (HFPCWU has commended the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) for all the support rendered in a number of its ongoing activities including organizing and recruitment’s.
National organiser for HFPCWU Eunice Chitwanga said the organizing and recruitment exercise took place with financial support from MCTU and was mainly targeted at workplaces in the Northern Region of Malawi which is Chintheche in Nkhatabay district.
According to Chitwanga, the area was identified considering a number of factors like the distance and geographical position of the area which is a challenge to HFPCWU to afford with its financial capacity.
“This is a Lakeshore area which has high tourism industry and potential membership. Most of the workers in this area don’t know their labour rights and interests. Most of the employers in these areas are abusing labour law and rights,” she explained.
In addition, Chitwanga said that having these facts in mind, the HFPCWU decided to take the organizing and recruitment exercise to the area as one way of sensitizing both the workers and employers as most of these organisations are owned by individuals who even operates without having Rules and Regulations in practice.
Meetings in Brief;
Chintheche Inn: At Chintheche the meeting took place at the Staff Canteen and the turn up was good although not everybody attended since others were off duty. Members present at the meeting were given membership forms to fill in their names and elections for shop stewards were conducted on the same day.
Kande Beach: The workplace was busy with a conference which was taking place the same day and management asked HFPCWU officials with some representatives to conduct the meeting which officials accepted. Membership forms were also given to those representatives to share with their workers and were collected the other day.
Makudzi Beach; the meeting took place earlier than planned time because they were having check-in in the afternoon and few were released to attend the meeting. During this meeting a burning issue was raised that some employees were receiving salaries below the government minimum wage which union officials took it and discussed with management after the meeting.
Sambani Lodge: The meeting was not successful because most of the workers were off duty since there was no business at hand. The place was quiet and only a few people did turn up but a number of issues were discussed.
La-Exotica Lodge
The meeting did not take place because there was communication breakdown. When the Union officials tried to confirm about the meeting the previous day, it was the duty manager who told the union that he needed to confirm with his boss whether the meetings should take place because they were supposed to have guests on that day. Several efforts gave no sweet grapes up until the organisers left Chintheche back to their base in Blantyre.
Finally HFPCWU requests if MCTU could assist in training the newly organised and recruited members as one way of making the union to go from strength to strength.
Organisation: Chintheche Inn-Total workforce 53 (Male) 22 (Female) Total 75, Membership Recruited (40) male, 10 female, 50 in total. Kande Beach, Total workforce; Total workforce 35 male, Female 15, total 50 membership recruited 25 male 6 female total 31. Makudzi Beach; Total workforce male 56, female 6, total 62, membership recruited 50 male, female 4 total (54), Sambani Lodge; Total workforce 17 male, 8 female 25 in total, membership recruited 16 male, 3 female 19 in total, La Exotica; Total workforce male 36, female 10 and 46 in total. With this development the HFPCWU has since increased its numbers with over 150 members.