Union Indebted to MCTU

According to the Hotels Union General Secretary Shakespeare Sesani, the workshop was a success because 18 participants were made to know among other vital things their labour laws and rights at their work places.


IMG-20170809-WA0023“A number of issues were tackled during the 2 day workshop. Most of the workers in that region did not know labour laws and their rights.
“So the workshop was like an eye opener for them,” explained Sesani adding, “Let me also say that the environmental mood of the workshop was so quite interesting because the participants asked us to give them more refresher courses in the near future. I am of the view that with support from others just like MCTU has done we are going to be there again,”
The Sensitization meeting did not only target employers and employees around the boma but also reached out to Chikale Beach Resorts and Restaurants as well as the government of the Republic of Malawi which was represented by a Mr. Nkisi from the District Labour Office.


IMG-20170809-WA0021Others who attended were from Chintheche Inn, Kande Beach, Makudzi Inn, Sambani Lodge, Butterfly, Njayo and Lexotica Lodge.
Presenting their papers during the meeting were Mr Nkisi on labour laws and Jessie Ching’oma who is

an educator from the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU).