‘Together We Are Stronger’, Danish Union Veteran Advises Malawian Workers

Banner HFPCWU 0Workers in various institutions in the country have been encouraged to join unions as one way to come up with solutions to challenges which they are facing in their day to day activities at work, it has been learnt.

This was said by Bjorn Haar from Denmark who was one of the facilitators of a recent workshop which was conducted by the Hotels, Food Processing and Catering (HFPC) held lately at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre.

According to Haal, workers in companies and corporate institutions are supposed to become members of unions as one way to help them to come up with concrete solutions with their employers whenever misunderstandings arise.

“You see it pays a lot to become a member of a union so that there is good understanding between employers and their employees.

“Together you are stronger and the most important aspect of being a member of a union is that you can fight for better working conditions without experiencing many problems,” he said.

Asked on how he has assessed the HFPC Union in Malawi Haal was quick to say, “They are on the right track and I only hope that they are going to increase their membership so that they can help many members to have better working conditions”

Haal has been a union member from 1993 up to date.