Rank and Filing trainings so important to union members-Majawa

Hotels Union management has observed that most of its members are not aware of rank and filling and they have since embarked on a project to train its members in all their branches in all the three regions of Malawi namely Northern, Southern and Central Region.


According to the hotels union trainer Rashid Majawa, most of the union members did not undergo a training on rank and filing which has resulted into ignorance on their part when it comes on issues to do with issues concerning them at their different institutions.


Majawa made the statement during a training workshop which was organized by for Suncrest Creameries on 16th November, 2013 at Hotels Union offices in the commercial city of Blantyre.


According to Majawa rank and filing is a special training where they impart knowledge (sensitization) to shop stewards on important issues concerning the well-being of workers at the workplace and some of the topics among others are; Introduction of Trade Union and the benefits on the part of employer and employee, Grievance Handling, Roles of Shop stewards and Labour Laws.


“A lot of people have joined the union and some are being appointed to hold positions in their respective work places but we have observed that most of them are becoming leaders even members without the knowledge of what the union is and do not even know their rights because they are not conversant to labour laws so we have embarked in a project to train our members on those issues,” he confessed.


The trainer went on to say that such trainings will help workers to realize their rights and how to deal with all sorts of challenges emanating in their workplaces.


Majawa also observed that such branch meetings are beneficial because participants are always open to discuss problems faced at their institution because they have a sense that they are one since they come from the same company.


Another Hotels Union trainer Eunice Chitwanga was in agreement with the former saying that it is so important to train all union members on ranking and filing at this stage so that they should see and understand the importance of trade union and their right.


“We were supposed to teach our members rank and filing soon after they joined the union because it is sad to note that most of our members don’t know these issues but it is never too late to train them, we are trying so hard to reach out to many so that we can have a strong union,” said Chitwanga.


During the training, participants were given a platform to put on the table issue affecting them at their workplace.


Management of Hotels Union expressed gratitude to the management of Suncrest Creameries for giving their employees time to attend the workshop as well as the refreshment they provided for the training “Other management should emulate from Suncrest, what they did was recommendable and we sincerely thank them.”