Participants Describe HFPCWU Training as ‘Educative’

Banner HFPCWU 0The Hotels Food Processing and Catering Workers Union (HFPCU) participants to a recent 2-day seminar held lately at Monarchy Lodge in Blantyre have described it as ‘Educative’ saying it has acted as an eye opener regards occupational health and safety issues at work places.
These are some of the comments made by the participants from various institutions in the hospitality industry after the 2 days of interaction between the participants and the facilitators.
Joseph Sande (Transglobe exports) – ‘The Training has helped me alot to know other things which I didn’t before coming here. I will share this knowledge to my colleagues at our work place especially on O.S.H

Agness Msukwa (Universal Industry Limbe – “This was a very important training because we have learnt many things like how we can prevent accidents and where to report at work place. We have also been tough that we have got the right to refuse to work where there is a threat to our lives”
Esther Mphonde (Universal Industries Limbe – “This seminar has helped me to know more about safety and health for both employers and employees”
Julia Thebo (Rab Processors Limbe) – “I didn’t know that an employee has got the right to appeal if there is injustice. Mostly I had a lot of fear that once I appeal the company may terminate my services. So this training has helped me to know more about safety and good procedures in getting my pension and compensation”.
Violet Banda (Sports Club) – “I have learnt how we can prevent accidents at the work place as well as the need to put on protective gear when doing our work”
Zacharia Mlangeni (Bakemans Confectionaries) – “I have learnt many things like reporting any unsafe or unhealthy conditions to our supervisors and warning others about the same”.
Steven Mangani (Pipe It) – This workshop has taught me that there is a need for companies to establish safety committees that will help us to prevent accidents”
Henry Pondamali (The Mkango Lodge) – “I have a wonderful time here to learn things which will help to change my workplace. I give thanks to the organisers and facilitators”
Ephiness Gondwe Chimenya – (Sunbird Catering Solutions – “I have learnt more about healthy and safety at work and how we can prevent some accidents that occur at our work place and the procedures that we are supposed to follow in reporting if an accident happens” ie-to report the the Labour Office.
Robert Mbeyo (Ryalls Hotel) – “Mainly I have learnt the acts that will help me to to do for instance the remuneration act that was enacted in 1997 that states steps to be followed when an employee has lodged a claim”
Frank Falinya (Mega Bakery Limbe), I have realized that a company has to have a first aid box.
Henry Chikwasa (Rice Milling Company), I didn’t know that a worker has got a right to refuse any work which is hazardous to one’s health.
Idah Andrea (Universal Industries) – I have learnt more about casual workers and general workers.