The Hotel, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union, was established with an aim to promote Industrial Peace in various companies in the sector.


Top reasons why one should join HFPCWU:

  • HFPCWU organises, educates and negotiates to make working environment safe.
  • HFPCWU also makes sure that employers should pay overtime to their workers.
  • BETTER WAGES, SALARIES – When you are well organised and have reached 20% of the total workforce, you can bargain for better pay and improve your standard of living.
  • In the Union, you are linked with other workers all over the world.
  • HFPCWU will also make sure that harassment is avoided to workers by higher authorities at work places.
  • Workers have got the legal right to join HFPCWU without being stopped by the employer.
  • Joining the HFPCWU will bring you the respect and dignity you deserve at your workplace.
  • The Union also fights for workers who lose their jobs through unfair dismissals to be reinstated.


  • Monthly subscription fee for HFPCWU is only 1 percent of one’s basic salary.


  • Membership for HFPCWU is open to those who work in Hotels, Restaurants, Lodges, Food beverage and Processing.