The Hotel, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union, was established with an aim to promote Industrial Peace in various companies in the sector.


Looking at the fact that people who were found to be HIV/AIDS positive were being segregated and had problems to acquire some medical attention, the Hotel, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union decided to join hands with others in combating HIV/AIDS by discussing with employers in the sector to introduce policies relating to the pandemic.

This development has played an integral role in ensure that those who are found with HIV positive should remain with their jobs and that they should not be segregated or fired.

The HIV/AIDS policy in the sector has seen people living with the virus getting proper treatment from hospitals and life prolonging drugs and that their lives have improved hence contributing positively to the development of the companies.

It is the wish of HFPCWU to see more companies in the sector to promote the HIV/AIDS policy as well as make arrangement whereby workers with HIV/AIDS should get free life prolonging drugs (ARV’s).

The Union has been also organizing workshops for its members to share with workers on the need for employers and employees to work hand in hand in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

HFPCWU will continue organizing such seminars so that HIV/AIDS messages should reach out to all its members.