HFPCWU Set To Implement Results on Casualisation Survey

HotelHotels, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union (HFPCWU) has said that it is going to make sure that results of the recent survey on the extent and impact of casualisation in Malawi are implemented so that casual workers should start enjoying their benefits.
This was said by HFPCWU general Secretary Shakespeare Sesani during a presentation session of the results of the study by the Consultants who conducted the survey Susan Christiansen and Dorothea Makhasu in Blantyre.
“It was discovered that casualisation is there here in Malawi because there are a number of issues that are affecting casual workers at their various work places. Most workers are not enjoying any benefits and are just getting peanuts.
“Even if the minimum wage is there but most of them do not receive because they are in the dark about all these issues so as a union we are looking at how best we can assist these workers to know their rights at work. It was also discovered that some people are being employed through employment bureaus whose only aim is to make profits and not to help the workers to get their benefits.
“So from now onwards we as a union we have to go back and look at the conditions of service for these workers. Casual workers should not be sidelined; they have rights to join the union so that their cry should be heard by their employers, “explained Sesani.
Sesani also said that there is a tendency whereby some companies are firing well trained workers and replacing them with others by the name of casual workers hence compromising quality of productivity.
“These casual workers are not being given leave grant, no pension and in most cases are fired without concrete reasons, so through the results of the survey we believe that we have got a good starting point to help these workers to know their rights and enjoy their benefits,” he said.
One of the organisers of the research from HFPCWU Secretariat Eunice Chitwanga concurred with Sesani that once the survey is implemented among other things; casual workers will be at liberty to join the union.
“We are of the view that once implemented, casual workers will be free to join the union because some employers do not allow them to become members of the union. Through the union they will also benefit because they will be trained to know their labour rights,” explained Chitwanga adding,” this will also enable us to have increased membership”
The focus of the research was largely centered on the impact of casualization in Malawi within the Agriculture, Construction, Food and Beverage as well as Hospitality and Tourism sectors.
The Presentation of the results of the study attracted employers, employees, HFPCWU Secretariat, MCTU as well as government through the Ministry of Labour.
The Study which was conducted last December was commissioned by the United Federation of Danish Workers (3F) – Fagligt Faelles Forbund,) in their efforts to strengthen democratic trade unions in the Southern Africa region.