HFPCWU Reviews Constitution

lingadziThe Hotels Food Processing and Catering Workers Union (HFPCWU) lately conducted a day long workshop at Lingadzi Inn in Lilongwe where it reviewed its Constitution which was developed in the year 2002.
HFPCWU General Secretary Shakespeare Sesani explained that the workshop was a beneficial meeting in the sense that critical issues to do with the current constitution in use were discussed at length.
“We were looking at the constitution because we were of the view that it had some flaws which require to be amended.
“Take for example the current constitution has got no youth committee but as of now we have started to engage the youth in our activities. Another thing is that initially we had only a few members’ in our sect like Hotels and Catering but now it is growing so fast as among others we have included Poultry and Bakery so the delegates looked a number of issues in the constitution on the same,” explained the General Secretary.
“We also tackled an issue to do with where the executive board is supposed to report as this is not well explained in the current constitution, “he said.
He added that in conclusion Sesani said delegates formulated a number of ideas that are going to be compiled in a draft form document which is going to be looked into by a lawyer before being incorporated into the current constitution.
“It was a full day workshop and I should say we underestimated the time factor but we believe that we did justice to the constitution,”
The workshop drew the Unions’ Executive Board, Women’s committee, Shop Stewards and Ordinary members.