HFPCWU Gurus Gunning Hard to take Organization to another Level

Chairperson for Women's Affairs Committee; Zione Pakulamtanda

Chairperson for Women’s Affairs Committee; Zione Pakulamtanda

The Hotels, Food Procession and Catering Workers Union (HFPCWU) Executive has said that it is going to work extremely hard in order to reach out to its goals as well as reach out to many workers as possible in the hospitality and food processing sector.
This was said by HFPCWU Cooperation Coordinator Zione Pakulantanda following a workshop which was held at Serendib Suites, Namiwawa in the Commercial City of Blantyre from February 24-25, 2017.
She explained that the Workshop was all about Revision of Strategic Planning.
“To begin with we were too ambitious in our earlier strategic plans but others were not achieved so the workshop helped us to amend the gaps which were there,” she said.
Quizzed about their new vision for the future, Pakulantanda said that they would want a country where workers in hospitality and food processing are assisted to be able to work in a beneficial environment.
She further explained that the delegates to the workshop also discussed issues to do with changes to see to it that HFPCWU make changes to ensure that there is accountability and transparency as regards to managing funds.
In another development, Pakulantanda disclosed that they have included democracy as an organization explaining that they have now started conducting elections for new office bearers to serve the organization a 4 year term unlike before.
The Coordinator went on to say that the workshop was fruitful because of the methodology which was used by the facilitator Mr. Hilario Sitoe who is HFPCWU program Officer from the Southern Region Office.
She said that as all the ten participants mainly from the executive of the HFPCWU were free to make their contributions for the good of the organization.
“We want to take HFPCWU to another level by among other vital things implement our goals, measure if results are there or not and we hope this exercise will help HFPCWU to advance its operations. In addition as an organization we thank our sponsors because this means that they have got trust in as far as the organization is carrying out its noble duties activities.
“Another important thing is that we want to reach out to many workers out there so that we should sail on the same boat,” she said.
The workshop was sponsored by HFPCWU Corporate partners from 3F in Southern Africa which is comprised of a number of trade unions in the Region.