The Hotel, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union, was established with an aim to promote Industrial Peace in various companies in the sector.


In order to promote the gender issue, the Union established a Women’s Affairs committee which helps HFPCWU to deal with all women’s activities whose Chairperson and Secretary sit on the National Executive Board.

The Women’s Affairs committee was established after the Union observed that women are being victimized at work places as compared to men who are largely favoured.

Most of the challenges observed by the Women Affairs Committee are sexual harassment, low salary payments despite of their good qualifications, denial of promotion even when the opportunity is there as well as being denied other jobs which are deemed as men’s work.

After receiving complaints from various individuals, the committee found out that women are sexually harassed by their bosses in exchange of getting jobs or earn promotion among other challenges.

It was also found out that most companies do not pay women reasonable salaries as compared to men because they claim that men are family heads and bread winners than women who mostly depend on their husbands when it comes to income.

There is also a big challenge when it comes to the issue of promotion because most of the companies do not believe in placing women in high positions claiming that women give a lot of excuses when it comes to work than men do.

In addition, employers have inferiority complex upon women therefore they feel that women are not capable of handling high positions. The Women’s Affairs Committee also observed that other companies do not trust women in some jobs believing that those jobs are entitled for men only. This development alone denies women who have got good qualifications and skills to get those jobs.

Upon realising these issues, the Union decided not to remain idle but to form the Women’s Affairs committee where there is a belief that women will be open to expose their problems at work places without fear.

So far there have been positive results because the committee has managed to solve some reported cases from various workers.

The committee has about 1200 members all over the country and the Union still invites those who want to join not to hesitate because by just doing that, they shall have total protection and support from the Union.

The major responsibility for the committee is to stand for you (women) when you experience various problems at work place. Currently, the committee has managed to properly handle some cases that include sexual harassment, claims of salary increase, managed to get back to work some workers who were fired without valid reasons and that companies now are respecting the rights of women as well as putting them in high positions.

The current structure and composition of HFPCWU Women’s Affairs Committee is as follows: