CORI employees trained on labour laws and rights

hotels union21Capital Oil Refine Industries (CORI) management observed that there used to be misunderstanding with their workers on issues to do with labour laws and their rights hence calling for a three day workshop so that the two parties should always have a common understanding whenever there are issues of collective bargaining and other labour related issues.


The training which was conducted in Blantyre at the Trade Test Centre (TTC) had 25 participants who are also members of Hotels Food Processing and Catering Workers Union (HFPCWU).


Representing the management was the Human Resource Manager Mr. Chikapa who in his address pointed out that his office had a lot of challenges due to lack of understanding on labour laws on the part of workers.


He however, expressed optimism that due to the training his office will have common understanding with the employees and the bargaining process will always be conducted on the right approach.


He further said, “I have all the confidence that after this training my office will no longer have problems which we were having due to misunderstanding with the workers on issues to do with labour laws and their rights. I also believe that the relationship between workers and management is going to improve since that we will not look at each other as enemies but friends with the common interest of bringing the success to the growth of the company.”


On his part, HFPCWU Trainer, Rashid Majawa express gratitude to the management of CORI for organizing the training for its workers acknowledge that it’s rare to see management organizing such workshops


“This should be an example to other employers because such trainings does not only benefit the workers but employees as well because you tend to have common understanding and where there is understanding it’s easy to bring positive results to the growth of the company,” said Majawa.


Commenting on the outcome of the training, one of the participants Jerson Dulani applauded the management for organizing the workshop which he said was beneficial to them.


“I want to thank the management for organizing this training. To say the truth we were lacking knowledge on issues to do with labour laws and whenever we were going for bargaining we had no bargaining skill and lacked valid reasons to back up our arguments so when we came back with negative results we thought we were being oppressed not knowing that our lack of knowledge was the disadvantage to us,” said Dulani.


Pilirani Chimbota agreed with his colleague and she said the training opened her eyes on issues to with collective bargaining and occupational health and safety among other topics.


“This training was beneficial and we ask the management to continue organizing such trainings, we will even teach our friends when we go back to our work place,” said Chimbota.


The facilitators were from the ministry of labour and among others were the Senior Labour Officer Frank Adini.