BSC workers ask HFPCWU to fight for their annual holiday

hotels union1Hotels, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union (HFPCWU) members at Blantyre Sports Club (BSC) have requested the Union to take their bosses to task over their days of holidays per year.


BSC Union members said this on July 25, 2011 at their workplace during a meeting which was organized by the Union with the agenda to clarify to members on issues concerning pension schemes as well as to hear their grievances.


“Instead of giving us 3 week holiday per year, the company gives us 2 weeks holiday and we want the Union to help us so that we should be having 3 weeks holiday as stipulated in the labour laws,” said one of the workers.


Responding to the request, General Secretary for HFPCWU Shakespeare Sesani promised the workers that the Union will fight hard to deal with the problem.


“I promise that I will meet with your bosses to discuss the issue because indeed you are supposed to have 3 weeks holiday per year therefore to give you 2 weeks holiday it is against the labour laws,” said Sesani.


Sesani then encouraged the workers to always consult the Union for help if the need arises observing that some times workers face a lot of challenges and instead of forwarding their problems to the Union for help they just keep those problems upon themselves.


“Sometimes people point fingers on us saying that we have failed to do our job forgetting that at the time when you encountered a problem you never consulted us. We are always there for you so you need to consult us if there is any problem,” said Sesani.