The Hotel, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union, was established with an aim to promote Industrial Peace in various companies in the sector.

HFPCWU GS Says IUF Course Perfect as Makhasu Waves bye to Union

The 4 day training that the Hotel, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union (HFPCWU) did with assistance from the International Union for Food (IUF) was a productive one in as far as the sessions were concerned. It was done lately at the Monarchy lodge in Blantyre. According to the General Secretary of the HFPCWU Shakespeare Sesani, his institution has benefited much from the seminar apart from saying good bye to hardworking Dorothia Makhasu who had been very influential to…

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Participants Describe HFPCWU Training as ‘Educative’

The Hotels Food Processing and Catering Workers Union (HFPCU) participants to a recent 2-day seminar held lately at Monarchy Lodge in Blantyre have described it as ‘Educative’ saying it has acted as an eye opener regards occupational health and safety issues at work places. These are some of the comments made by the participants from various institutions in the hospitality industry after the 2 days of interaction between the participants and the facilitators. Joseph Sande (Transglobe exports) – ‘The…

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HFPCWU Urges Workers to develop themselves at Work Places

The Hotels, Food Processing and Catering Workers Union of Malawi (HFPCWU) has urged workers to develop themselves through other learning channels to enrich their knowledge so as to get higher benefits at their work places. This was said during a two-day workshop on Occupational Health and Safety which was held at Monarchy Lodge along the Chirimba-Magalasi road in the Commercial City of Blantyre from May 10th to 11th. Among other things, the participants were trained on Compensation Act whose…

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